Exploring Money

Thank you for the invitation. It is true that you are not here for the money. You are here for the experiences, for the growth and to understand the love from this perspective of human on earth.

We hear you state your desire to drop the baggage that weighs you down with debt; a very noble AND wonderfully selfish request. We would like to suggest to expedite this request that you reframe your views on money. Explore what you believe money is to you and then throw it out the window.

Money is a presentation of energy. You have the energy – the presentation is a very human aspect. Money represents the energy you already possess. This is the limitless energy of soul we are speaking of. Only you are pinching off your recognition of the energy – only you are restricting how much comes through- both in the form of energy and the form of money.

Yes, slough off the baggage that slows your financial health – build nothing in it’s place – only allow the energy free reign to move freely and joyously. All will be resolved – as it was never un-resolved, not in this energy.

You are well. Go forth.

Channeled 12 May 2022

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