What You See

My dear, we wish to show you clearer vision – so you may see as we see. We wish for you to be able to see with our vision through your eyes. The clarity, crispness, the nuances that have been dulled in your sight will change your opinions brilliantly. We wish to give you, grant you, allow you this sight so you may see your way clearly and easily to your goals.

These are wonderful goals and you work diligently toward your dream. We want fresh sight for you to steer your way quicker and more easily to your dream. Your goals are worthy, as are you.

Please practice clear sight. It will become apparent as you practice. This clear sight includes deliberate looking. Yet, it is non-deliberate seeing – and the other way around. Clear sight – to look without expectation. See with deliberate intention. That is correct. Practice clarity in what you see until the sight we speak of arrives for you. There is a learning curve to this as you re-learn how to see – how to look without expectation. See all things fresh. Allow largeness and still use micro-focus. Your path will be cleared; for you are well on your way to this next goal.

This IS fun. Love, The Accord.

Channeled 13 April 2022

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