World Prayer/Self Prayer

Good day. Your meditations bring you great joy. Your body responds well, even as you don’t feel this directly. You do well.

Let us talk of world prayer. We would suggest, we would ask that as you find your self sending prayers to peoples of the world that you send your thoughts both specific and general.

Group prayer with a focused beam of concern is highly effective in reaching the desired people and the desired effect. As a group prayer this energy is substantial. Regardless if for an individual well-being or for a nation at war, specific prayer is evidentially strong in a group setting.

For individual prayers the laser point of your individual thought can reach it’s mark well – but please ask yourself if you are imposing your thoughts onto someone else. When in individual prayer – send general thoughts. Send general prayers meant to blend with the recipient’s so to add strength as that person would request. Or peace, or comfort, or to allow them to feel your love, all love, or to feel Love for all that it is. Pray for such as relief from despair, or for clearing their vision, their perception and perspective. To pray to see through God’s eye is a powerful prayer.

Even for yourself here, now, adjusting your perception, your perspective, just now to join closer to God’s perspective shifted your body energy. We feel you feeling this shift. This is how you want to go through your day. Shift back to the perception as often as you remember today. This is a good exercise for preparing the way for the life and lifestyle you have been envisioning. That vision requires a fresh, active, living perspective.

To bring this life out of the dream state and into your reality, shift perspective today. To live today with that mental capacity try this on; practice living through G*d as you. No judgement, great observational moments, with great love and no longer any need for forgiveness as that is already given. Live today as G*d, live it as you dreamed it. Play in your dream here on earth. Have fun and feel the joy for today. Practice in today. Your life is real either way. Choose joy. Choose life.

Channeled March 14, 2022

From Sarah: The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Esther Hicks (Abraham) is highly recommended. Or go direct to to learn of this articulate and accessible channeling from Ester Hicks and Abraham.

Also A Course in Miracles. I see so much of the teachings I have been soaking in in this channel as well. Workbook for Students section is phenomenal.

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