Imagine Big and go BIGGER

Thank you for inviting us to speak. You are loved. You are greater than you can imagine. Imagine big, then go BIGGER. This imagination exercise can be applied to so much in your life that you wish fulfilled. Let us say – the free-will of your lives, is in your action. This imagination only sets the stage. Take this grand imagining with you onto the stage. You must take action.

Even what you consider small actions – they may in our realm be the tipping point of your engagement to make all your imaginings come to life for you.

Again, free-will is embodied in Action. No action – then it can be hard to claim free-will. You do or you do not – you do something for yourself or others and this puts in play so many other pieces to fill gaps in your imagination.

Yet know that when you imagine without action – you are also displaying your free-will not to engage with the thought. And nothing is done. You may still find synchronicities even without action. But these synchronicities must be acted on for the fruitful blending of this embodiment of imaginings.

You have free will. You can think what you want, you can act or not act. These are the basics of life – always have been.

We would like to encourage you to be the acting person – to choose the imaginings you have wished for all along. Act on you own behalf – you truly have nothing to lose that won’t be gained one hundred fold after action.

How to keep promises to yourself? Start the new habit – start it today. Start your day with the actions you truly want. Toss the games and newspapers if they interfere. They hold no interest. Lock yourself away to enjoy your task untethered to outside distractions. First thing – no diversion- you (Sarah) actually look for diversions. There is nothing to be scared of in engaging in your life’s bliss. There is no one stopping you but you. Release your fear – or at least ride through it to the other side. It will fall away the moment you begin working your true interests. Go and enjoy. Keeping promises to your self is a matter of over-riding your fears. This is a childhood fear that you have ridden through. Someday you will address it – if it doesn’t dissipate on it’s own. That is not necessary. Take action for you. Show you your love and respect.

Enjoy the process – the learning. Shut the door and be selfish. This is good for so many people. You do your best and you will be happy. Take the class. Learn your craft. Make the list and work it. Make it your challenge – that will keep you held to your promises. Make it happen – for you. You are worthy and you are the one to DO this project.

Have fun and know we are right here with you.

Channeled Feb 24,2022

From Sarah – imagination is real. Shakti Gawain wrote the perfect primer (affiliate) Creative Visualization.

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