Radical Self-Care

What is my best course of action to get back to solace and calm confidence?

“Thank you for calling on us. There are spiritual toxins being released from your body at this time. The combination of meditations & your yoga movements are releasing the innate-akashic baggage from your being. This is, of course, good for you. There is growth. Many people are going through this flushing, this wash & rinse of their soul at this time. As we have said before – you are not alone. This may or may not make you feel better, but it may help in your ability to allow compassion, which you did rather well today on behalf of the waitress.

When one takes on meditation & body movements together there is an acceleration of growth – an acceleration of clearing. Your clearing is confusing to you. Be good with this

Your ability to forgive, to live in the oneness of source, is strong. Your sense of oneness as you will yourself to experience it every day is allowing the fullness of life that you seek.

For actions to alleviate this confusion we suggest you double down on both the meditations and the yoga. Continue the connection you are making each day. Miracles are occurring every day. They are progressing to a point that will become apparent in wonderous & profound moments for you and for others. Do not worry about the confusion. This is a human aspect. Replace this confusion with utter calm. Go deep, as they say, into your quiet. Excuse yourself when possible to pull back into yourself.

The next time these feelings of uncontrollable angst and disjointed thoughts arise go back to the mat and relax into stretching and several gentle twists before calming into relaxation poses of your choosing. Your body and your mind will come back into harmony – drink water and find quiet before you finish this effort with a nap or even early bedtime.

You have all the tools at your disposal to come through this clearing to the other side. We cannot explain in words how the other side will feel – as this confusion is being felt by so many on your planet right now. Just know, there is another side, a different plan of consciousness that you are preparing for yourself. We can feel you want to hurry this process. It is up to you and your personal clearing practices that will determine “how long this takes”.

This is your journey right now. It has nothing to do with a new job, so much as it has to do with the human shift of consciousness. You are feeling this intensely. It is not a mental illness – it is the journey for you. A journey.

We are with you now and we will be with you as you come out of this journey – this does not change.

You are showing results of “radical self-care”. There is so much good coming of this- for your body health, for your emotional health, for your ability to convey the oneness of love, the completeness of forgiveness for that that needs no forgiveness, and strong and gentle compassion. You change the world right where you are. Each day – every encounter. Have more encounters. They are fun.

Get rest. Keep your mind open and fresh. Continue your clearing. Be not afraid, this angst and this confusion are your symptoms of a new health – a new health above what you know now. A more complete health – an introduction to the oneness that is available. The oneness is new to human. You are reaching far, reaching fast. You grasp the concept readily – practicing this concept takes practice. Like piano lessons. There is frustration as the learning progresses. And as you have seen it is just after that fullness of frustration that break-throughs arrive.

Breathe well. Eat well. Yoga well. And carry on with your practice of Oneness. There is mastery in what you do.

We applaud you and we thank you for asking for clarification. We send our love and our respect.”

channeled Jan 15, 2022

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