Money and Love

–Channel received 9 Jan 22–

Thank you for inviting us and yes, you do understand that the great shift is upon us. We are shifting now. These are times of great change. And yes, we are all in this together. There is great relief and rejoicing on this side of the veil. We do see on your side of the veil there is confusion and trepidation. As a planet a lighter countenance is available to great numbers of you. But confusion also is prevalent in great numbers as your population learns – re-learns – how to be.

This is a great relearning. This adjustment is a recalibration. The recalibration includes money, outlook, introspection, handling energy. There is so much goodness that is ready to be shared-but the old ways of capitalism are still in force. The belief that is being usurped is that something must be given in order to get something. Your population (mostly) believes this of love, of money, of intellect and of wisdom. The age of sharing for the sake of sharing is coming to light. It is part of the light. There will still be commerce – but the feeling will change. The intention eventually will be benevolent. Do not fret – though it may be after your time on this earth. You can still act on these intentions now. There is no need to put them off. Practice how your new life is guiding you. Practice now how to use commerce in an intentional way, to bring about this overall good you are experiencing in your being.

This will require practice – for that is how you get good at something. Be compassionate with yourself and keep trying to make your transactions with this higher esteem.

We will come back to this topic again as it does affect so many of your population. This type of energy shift is swift and has lasting affects. It is swift and demonstrable as you will see.

Go joyfully as those businesses for this shifted – new – will thrive as they are meant to, and those of the old energy will grow into a new intention or fall away as unnecessary.

This is a demonstrable shift – Go with love.

Thank you for allowing us voice. We will speak on this again.

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