Lifting Resentments

Yes, Forgiveness is huge for you and for all. There in no need to justify feelings of hurt or anger or resentments. Resentments must be lifted. This is done through forgiveness.

True forgiveness will clear so much stress and relieve the body of this undue tension. To practice forgiveness will be as peeling the layers of an onion. Once you believe you have forgiven all there is to forgive, more thoughts will require your forgiveness to clear them. This will relieve stress. This will allow your body to move more fully. This will allow your food to digest.

Forgiveness is the doorway to your own “salvation”. You put that in quotes. Then let us discuss salvation…Salvation today is the lack of resistance, the lack of resentments. The calm that becomes apparent with true forgiveness is as G*d-like in it’s love as any emotion you will feel on this earth.

It is an easy exercise to address this forgiveness. Forgiveness is an exercise. This exercise of forgiveness is profound and should be practiced every morning and again every night. In exercising forgiveness – it is not just daily forgiveness you seek, but also the profound forgiveness of the all that you encounter.

Include forgiveness of perceiving your surroundings incorrectly. No one means you any harm. Others are upset at their own un-forgiveness and humans project these emotions onto each other. It is not to you. It may be your perception is skewed by others’ un-forgiveness. You can only forgive for yourself.

In this way please understand this forgiveness you are practicing is for yourself and to yourself first and foremost. If you feel you want to forgive others, please do. But, the objective is profound personal forgiveness. Self-compassion will come into play as well. Follow the guidance you receive for each forgiveness. Practice forgiveness for a transformation life.

Yes, your thoughts fill this world – the out-pouring of your thoughts into reality are directly tied to your level of forgiveness. Allow this forgiveness the latitude in your thoughts to change your life. Continue to live this life – be the human that you are. You are bettering every day in ways we see each moment. By integrating forgiveness as your current function you will feel immediate and immense relief.

Release yourself to forgiveness. Release yourself to this growth and sheer happiness. Allow the joy of non-resistance.

It is a joy to be with you. You believe we repeat ourselves – and we do. This repetition is to answer your questions most fully. We will continue again soon. We bow to you.

Channeled August 2021

From Sarah: I am finding great help with A Course in Miracles, and Marianne Williamson’s Gift of Change. (affiliate links)

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