Clarity and Forgiveness

To see with clarity – without the personal filters – but through the eyes of spirit – is a step in breaking a personal cycle of misunderstanding.  In seeking clarity seek also the Universal Forgiveness that allows all misunderstandings to fall away.

We all know this stuff – but apparently the energy of The Accord felt we needed to hear it again. We will hear of this in all forms until we HEAR it. I am sure that we will hear of forgiveness until we are living it.

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channeled 5 Mar 2022

Expansive Wholeness

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 14

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The Accord wants you to know the greatness of you, the ‘you’ that has no boundaries. Even with the human boundary that is our skin we are ethereally co-mingling. It is in this co-mingling beyond boundaries that the unforgiveable is already forgiven.

Channeled Feb 17, 2022


Thank you for inviting us. We enjoy gathering to visit with you. We are particularly pleased you are writing down what you “hear”. These are noteworthy for you and well to review – over & over. Thank you for inviting us.

Your attention has focused on the multidimensional aspects of your inner life and we can assure you this is real. Do not give it too much attention. It will be available to you only in the dimension you are living. It is fun and satisfying to play there – to mentally play with multidimensional thoughts. Remember though, that the action that will come from these forays will be acted here in this dimension (3D) you are living on earth.

Rejoice, of course, in those things you “recognize” as a blast from multidimensional (MD) thoughts – but much of what you experience you may not recognize as a part of this realm of existence. Not recognizing this MD aspect does not make it any less valid. In fact, it may underscore the idea that ALL action is sacred; ALL action is inspired if you let it. Be satisfied with all there is.

You have also started a “forgiveness” protocol. This idea of forgiveness every morning and every evening for a bit here will lighten your stress load, that is true. It will also help you to ‘see’ things for what they are – a surrender to seeing things, people, ideas in just the 3D mode that they are. By not adding any additional attributes – the singular sight of what is around you will allow your vision to shift and new thoughts to enter.

This is all interconnected to spatial aspects, the forgiveness and surrender, the 3D opening into MD…your new protocol will serve you well. A week in your time is appropriate to achieve palatable results. Check in with yourself and your meditations often to consider for you how this is going in your life…in your day. You will find results.

Forgiveness. Surrender. These are profound human considerations. As every day as they can feel -they are altering actions. Enjoy the alterations. We enjoy visiting with you during these days.

We are pleased to be invited. We are here for you at ALL times and we look forward to gathering again.

Lifting Resentments

In this way please understand this forgiveness you are practicing is for yourself and to yourself first and foremost. If you feel you want to forgive others, please do. But, the objective is profound personal forgiveness.