Opening to Love

I have been experiencing a much higher level of enjoyment in my life since I began meditating every day. I suppose previously I had thought of meditation as a form of prayer. With this in mind meditation only needed to be done on Sundays, right. I have been convinced otherwise. Like taking a bath, the more often I allow meditation the better I feel. I feel closer to myself. I feel truer to myself. Meditation is not a prayer; I am not asking for anything. I find I am opening to anything.

Meditation has become my every single day thing. It is my door to happiness, even if only for a moment. It is the magic carpet to fly me to my desires. Meditation is the salve that infiltrates the rough spots and smooths them out.

I found early on, many years ago a meditation, a guided meditation that has stayed with me over the decades. I pull this one up from memory often. This meditation I found in a book regarding channeling that calls forth the wisdom of a higher source. Though I’m never sure I actually channeled any such source, the book is a storehouse of wonderful meditations that clear my thoughts and the energies surrounding me.

We are energy. That’s all there is to it. Whether you want to think scientifically, spiritually or emotionally, we ARE energy. So is this meditation spiritual hygiene? Hahaha…yikes, I’d really rather not go there. That word “hygiene”. Waayyy too many connotations. But yes, this is a wonderful meditation for clearing your own personal energy.

This is my first recording. I have recorded this meditation for you. I needed to share what I find so helpful in my life. I hope you enjoy it, that it touches you, reaches you and that you will come back for more.

Here is the link to the book that is so chock full of marvelous meditations, Channeling, What it Is and How to do It, by Lita DeAlberdi. Of course, if you click the link and make a purchase a very small amount of your purchase will come back to me – yes, it is an affiliate link.  And I so appreciate your patronage.

Sit back, plug in the headphones, and enjoy this seven and a half minutes.  Thanks for joining  and continue to breathe.



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