Joyful Sigh

My class this morning was grounding.  I attended a very basic, Alignment I, class today and I am relieved to be starting back into the yoga classroom at a slow and comfortable pace.  Alignment.  Oh, it is delicious.  In Alignment I  I am not sure we did more that six postures, over and over and over again.  Very slowly.  I was able to achieve a smooth flow.  Breathing was part of the posture.  It has been so long since I did practice for myself that I forget  how wonderful breathing into the posture is.   Oh, I teach this, I cue for it, I even watch as my yoga peeps fill their chest and shoulders and engage in the flow of moving to the next posture.  Today for myself I was able to enjoy this deepening.  I was able to feel the pose without any adjustment.  My breath was the adjustment.   Practise today was fulfilling.  I am reliving my morning class with an appreciative and joyful sigh.

There is a motivation growing within me again make that daily time to move my body while I clear my head.  I am practising meditiations every day.  It is delightful, crazy loving and motivational.  And now, adding the physical energy of moving my body intentionally I find this compliments and nourishes my spritual meditation moments.  This is the type of care I have wanted to give myself for decades now.

This week, I hope/expect//plan will be wonderful busy with yoga classes, meditations and podcast recording.  I was able to head out to The Loft on Sunday.  I spent 4 hours recording meditations and researching sound controls.  I love the peace and quiet there.  I revel that all I have to do is open any door and a strong whooshing whisper of the crashing waves on the coastline fills my senses.  I love the smell of the ocean as the wind waves through the sea grasses in these dunes.  I am happy here (and hear).  I am proud to be recording at The Loft in the dunes.  It seems so natural a place to record.  I fell into it.  It just happens, and I am filled with contentment.  Now that I am home I am amazed to have this opportunity.  And I a proud of myself for picking up the reigns to do that something I have wanted to do.  This so induces in me a joyful sigh.

Listening to the ocean is like listening to the ocean breath.  It too seems a joyful sigh.  And it continues to breathe.



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