Resting B*tch Face


I just learned this term in the last couple months since I’ve been teaching yoga.   Resting B*tch Face.   I’m not saying I haven’t seen this before.  Oh yes, I have.   I’ve even been accused of it.  I was accused of it by my mother, no less.   Years ago.  Neither my mom nor I knew there was such a term for it.  I denied having Resting B*tch Face.  I didn’t know I looked like a b*tch.  How would I know I had “that” look while I just hang out.  I find it interesting that my mom tagged it decades before it became a known issue.  Moms have a way of saying things that just cannot be denied. (dammit)

Resting B*tch Face is just that.  It is the look women have when they are not concerned how they look, when they are concentrated on other things or nothing.  I see it regularly all through class.  It is surprising to me that I am still surprised at the end of class to see people smiling and talking all with animated faces.  All through practice there is this b*tchy look on their faces. Resting B*tch face can be intimidating.

It’s good to know that men have the look too.  They have Resting A**hole Face.  I appreciate the equality of this.

It is time to change this terrible affliction.  It is time to make a concerted effort to enliven these faces.  Can I change this with facial yoga?  Will this make a difference?  Can I take on an entire affliction with an entire populace?  Can I win?  Can I get into the Great Records of Yoga Influencers (GRYI) by tackling Resting B*tch Face?  This needs to be addressed.  I am good enough for this.  I can change the world one B*tch Face at a time.


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