Yoga Photos

I’m supposed to have a Bio written.  I’m supposed to have photos taken to add to my Bio.  I’m supposed to have all this marketing done and ready to submit when I go looking for a job as a yoga teacher.  Ugh.

Bio?  Here’s what I have so far.  “Hey, just got certified.  Seasoned yogi. Let me guide you.  Oh yeah…here are some pics.”

As you can see, I’m not getting very far on the biography.  I really don’t want to write it.  Maybe as I get “my voice” in teaching I will have a voice for a Biography Bio.

Maybe pictures will be easier.  I can do pictures.  All I have to do is put on my favorite yoga outfit and take my sweetie and his camera out to the park and I will do yoga while my sweetheart takes pictures.  Let’s do that.  My sweetheart is busy this weekend.    He says next weekend is good, ask him again next weekend.

So here we are three weekend later.  I ask my darling again if we can head out to get yoga photos.  And he had a really good question.  “What kind of pictures do you want?”  Well, um, good pictures.   I responded, “I thought you told me you are good at taking pictures.  I just want some photos of me doing yoga for my social media and for marketing.  We’ll just head out to the park and you can get Mt. Rainier in the background.  It’ll be great.”

I do so appreciate my sweetheart’s support.  I am absolutely authentic here.  Nobody has ever supported me so completely as he does.  He’s a real trooper and he gets when something is important to me.  He plugged in his camera to charge it up while I went to change into yoga clothes, because no, I do not wear yoga clothes all day every day.

My darling’s support and his expert photo-taking at the park did not stop the Yoga Police, unfortunately, from pulling up in their squad car. “This is your favorite Yoga outfit, Ma’am?”

“Well, no officer, not really.  It’s cold out and we’re hoping it won’t rain until we we’re done here.  I’m sorry officer, this is what I wore to stay warm.“

“Well, if you are going to come out here and take pictures where Mt Rainier can be seen, I suggest you wait until the mountain is actually showing.  I’m going to have to write you up for poor planning and lousy costuming.  Also, please, next time shoot photos without a crumply mat.”

“Well, yes officer, I just figured that out.  But the ground was wet and I didn’t want to be standing in cold wet grass.”

“That’s why I am writing you up for poor planning.  Please wait here while I call this in to see if any outstanding warrants are out to stop you from teaching yoga.”

I wanted to run for our car, but my sweetheart was holding my shoes.  I was afraid the Yoga Police would confiscate the camera.  Now I wish they had.

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