Replenish in Grace

Yes, allow your body to feel the fullness of grace. As you fill with grace you notice there is room for more – even while you feel full. Go ahead accept more grace. Allow grace to enter you and settle in; to become a part of you. For grace is a part of you – settle in.

Allow yourself to feel this grace today. All day. There is no telling what will happen. Only that you will feel grace within.

Whether this affects you or affects others is not a matter to be decided. Grace, today, just is. Grace, today, is not a verb. Just allow grace to reside in you. Allow grace to fill you and take the place of your other feelings. There shall be no room within you for any feelings, notions, grievances; for no grievances can form or continue in the presence of grace. Allow grace to be dominant in you today.

You will feel grace within you in whatever manner feels right and then carry this with you today. It is not a burden, it relieves burdens. Grace enters you and becomes a part of you, slipping in and dissolving as part of you. You are able to accept more grace all day long. Replenish in grace.

Look out through the eyes of grace and this shall be your day.

Channeled 22 Mar 22

From Sarah: From Paulo Coelho (without permission) Manuscript Found in Accra – (affiliate link)

“Give us this day, Lord, our daily miracle, even if we are incapable of noticing it…

And when we open our mouth may we speak not just the language of men, but the language of angels too and say: Miracles do not go against the laws of nature, we only think that because we do not know nature’s laws.”

I have this taped up under my computer. (smiles)

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