Take the Lid Off

“Thank you for inviting us. We find it funny that you feel the need for introduction. That is for you to remember for yourself that you have in fact opened the path for us to come through at a level you can interpret clearly. It is so that you are able to record the feelings that come through to you.

We are always available whether you make the time to record or not. We enjoy that you are open to receiving and while this inspiration is good…’inspiration with action is so much more’* as your latest podcast listening reminds you. We look forward to watching your actions.

Yes, we are accessible to provide actions – right actions. To allow the true results of your request please keep in mind it is up to you to act on this inspiration.

Use us – it let’s us know you are with us as well. This two way street is far more interesting in the full journey. It shows you, as well as us, that we are understood and not just heard.

There are many actions available to you. Do not limit yourself, but continue with all the avenues you have in mind. The course of your life is open to many ‘answers’ to your requests for becoming.

The journey is exciting for all of us, including you. The joy will or can be overwhelming. Ride that wave and open to the fullness of receiving. Receive beyond your dreams. Open and accept beyond what you imagined. You are best served by your greatest imagination – and then take the lid off to accept more.

Continue to allow even more of our humanly overwhelming love for you. Open the gates – the sun is brilliant and knows no bounds. That is how to think. Do not place limits. Allow limitless life. Allow all that you know, all that you imagine and more.

We are with you, to support you, to guide you in love and strength and spirit. You are loved beyond measure and we love seeing you reach and grasp the infinite that is available.”

*podcast I’ve been tuning in to lately – https://sidehustleschool.com/. No affiliate link, just enjoy.

channeled 20 Feb 2022

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