Bringing Now with You

Thank you for the invitation. We enjoy these opportunities to “speak” through you as well. The beautiful, all-encompassing, un-crafted “now” – the Holy Instant as you have heard it called – IS the all there is. You feel disappointed at the shortness of the “instant”. You find yourself attempting to open to this “now” for a rather extended time. But “time” does not extend in this manner.

There will require a fresh vocabulary to encompass more than an instant for you to allow that elongated “Now” to occur. “Change your mind, change your life” – an axiom of this truthful phrase is “Change your vocabulary, change your experience”.

We invite you to consider what other words or phrases would best describe this ability to experience “Now” for a longer “time”. And also to consider how to carry “Now” with you throughout your day.

We see you tapping into the “Now” instant during the day. We see the release and relief this affords you to again enjoy the moment. We are of a different vocabulary – one that resonates, resonates love. The language we use here is your language and we invite you to expand your vocabulary to assist yourselves, and us, in describing the concept of actually embodying living in the “Now”.

We know you will find this an interesting assignment and we look forward to discussing again this conceptual leap of love into the “Now”.

Again and always – we and you are LOVE. You ARE love. Thank you for inviting us to chat. We look forward to your next invitation.

channeled – Jan 28, 2022

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