You want to know about intelligence. What you don’t know is intelligence is “managed” by the heart. It is easier to discern your intelligence when the heart is open to receiving. In this new age – this waking moment – it may actually feel as if intelligence is coming through osmosis of the brain, as if intelligence is an awakening of it’s own. Intelligence is a marker. A marker for the brain to discern what the heart understands.

Yes, you are intelligent. Every one has this capability and just like love, they can pinch this off. There are lives where intelligence has been suppressed so much so that generations of a family appear less intelligent. Then one young soul shows up to break this mold and a whole series of generations to the same family are growing in intelligence. We allow intelligence much as we allow love into our lives. We can pinch it off, or allow it to flow freely.

We must stay open to our own intelligence. Curiosity helps with the process. Curiosity is the “how” of feeling young. Youth is curious – and this leads to knowledge. Contemplation can (but not always) lead to wisdom – but the ‘doing’ leads to knowledge. Intelligence encompasses all of this.

Keep the doing. You are getting somewhere – slowly, yes – but you are making progress. Your ideas are intelligent. Do this, do this with gusto – push aside the distractions as best you can and with love. Keep doing.

We enjoy all the time we get to visit with you. We enjoy this ‘doing’ especially. ‘Til we get together again…

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