Transcribed from Sept 14, 2021

“What exists is thought, streaming forth from the mind, creating, or outpicturing that which has been held within the mind.” The Way of Transformation, the Way of Mastery, Chap 19, pg 230.

(Response to my request to elaborate as I love the idea of creating as an active outpicturing of the mind….)

We would like to do a more open writing for today. There are in fact a river of souls & beings that gather to be here. We enjoy the show. We like the conversation and reactions of all sentient beings.

We send you love & thank you for calling on our being. We are honored and like small children at the fair, we are thrilled to be communicating with you. You are loved and while we gather “at this time” to communicate most directly, know that this gathering closer is always here, always with you.

We too enjoy the quote of the outpicturing mind. This is a key element to updating, re-initiating your life. It is your view, what you “see” is changing & this makes (does make) all the difference.

If we may go into automatic writing – yes, thank you for permission….

You see what you think is there. Please feel free to change your thoughts. This is all encompassing and includes literally all things. To meditate on this quote will help to open your perception and allow this sight to get clear. Live what you see – even as your sight adjusts. There is a writing you read regarding catching updates and changes in peripheral vision. Maybe you will see this as expanded vision – a wider view. However you perceive the changes, live them. The new will emerge and you shall live what is seen. Do so in joy and celebration.

Continue your meditations in earnest. They are calming and much knowledge is imparted to you. You speak of learning by osmosis and that is a rather good translation of how we are able to show you, to inform you, teach you the newer, new vibrations.

Alignment – yes alignment is how you have achieved so much and your alignment continues to connect and grow stronger. We are no longer in kindergarten, but your sensibilities are still as a new connection. It is only with practice, regular practice, that your connection will be recognized (even by you) as a legitimate means of communication.

Lists – start your new lists and ride the wave. New job, new list, new wants – open yourself to truly new wants. Make them real and they will be. You are beyond imagination. Your thoughts are already things – open to them in this fresh energy. We are ‘behind’ you on this. You are well received and enjoy clear communication. We will help with the diction and with vocabulary. Your words are song to us. We enjoy as we and you all take the stage together. Duets are wonderful fun and amazingly touching for all souls. We do good work together.

You are light. Take this with you today and shine brightly in the room It is your energy the sentient being seeks. Stay with clear energy and your day is clear too. You do it well.

Hugs & love and care and receding. Looking forward to our next visit.

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