Successful Blogs Require Video

Successful blogs require video.  Successful blogs have a great social media following and include video blogging or video instruction/information.

I filmed a video.  Okay, I filmed four days of video. I learned a lot in four days.

Number 1. Don’t wear crazy yoga outfits.  They only look crazy.  I think the reason people wear crazy yoga outfits is because they haven’t really seen themselves in it.  When you do a quick pass in the mirror this simply does not get across the entirety of a crazy yoga outfit.  I learned this information on day one.

Number 2. My living room does not look like a studio, or a nature center, or a film set.  It looks like a carpeted living room with a lot of big furniture in it. As I reviewed the video I see that it would take a week to get all the furniture out.  And then I would have to paint the walls, or cover them with curtains.  HEY!  Maybe I can just go pick up curtains to hang in front of the entertainment center – the one that no longer holds a television in it.  How do I disguise the fishing poles?  And where do I hide the couch off-camera and still have a hallway in the house?  I am still thinking on these questions.

Number 3. I have a common thread in each of my yoga practice days.  I have a favorite modification.  It seems that modification shows up every single day.  It may be because I did the video in August.  This modification is the Towel Swipe modification.  Towel Swipe modification is available in pretty much every posture – Downward-facing Dog, Wild Thang, Gate Pose, Locust, Any Warrior.  Even trees and mountains modify with a towel swipe.  It was hot.  I am not meant for Hot Yoga.

I would set a video in here.  Video as a challenge to myself.  But I reveiwed it again.  No way.  I’m just going to sit back and continue to breathe.

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