User Friendly Band of Merry Yoginis

We did a quick Savasana.  I meant to be quick.  We had done some great postures and had worked on allowing a strong Flying Warrior (Virabhadrasana III) for our peak pose.  This isn’t the first time this Flying Warrior is my go to.  Today was particularly nice for everyone.  They looked strong.  But we had taken our time and now there wasn’t much time left for a strong Savasana.

This is a day I am glad there is no clock in the room.  My battery operated clock is facing me.  I guide the gang down onto their mats and started the slow relaxing mantra as I walked over to the light switches to calm the room.  I had to think about staying at a calming pace with my guided relaxation.  I can’t just say – be calm for half a minute – and expect it to work.  I thought about it.

I came back to my mat at the front of the room and sat to watch the group.  Usually I watch for twitching and restlessness to know when the Savasana is no longer serving its purpose.  Today I was watching the clock.  We went into Savasana at the time we usually are done with Savasana.  There isn’t going to be enough time to clean our mats and roll them up if we get in a full three minutes.

I don’t know how long Savasana is supposed to last.  I just know that around three minutes everyone is done, put a fork in them and let these folks sit up and get about their day.

At a minute and a half – I am getting crazy nervous about ruining any relaxation by having to get up too quickly and vacate the room – I called it.  “It is time, already, to bring yourselves back into the room.”

Shelby smiled, she must have known it was coming.  Steph didn’t’ twitch once to be released.  She is the first one to start getting antsy to be moving.  I feel like I beat her to the punch.  Usually I am pleased to have her learn to wait it out a little.

Even with a short Savasana the cartel seemed pleased with our practice today.  It is going to be difficult to have a bad practice with this group.  I am extremely lucky.  I am so honored to be practicing my skills with them.  I got really lucky.

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