Why I am Not an Expert Yet

There is more to life than yoga.  I know…blasphemy.

Like most folks I know I have a hard time turning off the television.  If the television is off then my computer is on.   Usually they are both active, television and the internet.  Nothing is as hungry for taking up my time as internet.   I am in constant contact with media and advertising and brain-washing…I know better than to kid myself.  I’m not going to tell you that my personal media immersion is all from PBS and self-betterment sites.  I’ve had my fill of self-improvement affliction.  Still, I do love me some TedTalks,  I like just as well peeking in on my family and friends on Facebook.  If I would get off these media sites and power down I would be a whole lot closer to being a yoga expert.  Or an expert on anything for that matter.

I’m almost an expert at fishing.  When I am powered down I am probably out on the boat, fishing.  I would be an expert at fishing, but that is nonsensical.  Only fish are expert at fishing.

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