Yogini Insurance

I think insurance is a pretty good racket.  If I’d been smarter I would have become an insurance agent when I was younger.  I’d be rolling in it by now.

So, yep, I bought insurance as a Yoga Trainer.  I have a good ol’ General and Professional Liability Insurance policy.  I could afford it, so I bought it.  What I bought was peace of mind.  I don’t ever expect anyone to contact me to file a claim.  The amount insured per occurrence should keep any attorney happy enough s/he won’t need to sue me directly. They can go through my insurance company lawyers.  I think that is what I am paying for anyway.

I teach less than six hours per week right now.  I expect that will continue for the next year.  I expect that in this next year my student base will double.  I’m hoping so.  That expectation is based on my idea, my hope that I will be getting better as an instructor and more people will want to come see me.  Even as my student base grows I will still be teaching less than six hours per week.  This makes for a lower premium price on my liability coverage.

The other reason my premium is so low is that I do request a Liability Waiver from my students.  I found one online and edited it for my purposes.  I may never need these things.  But I like having a folder of waivers available.  I numbered them so I can go in sometime and see how many people I have guided along the way.  It’s a pitiful number right now.

I bought peace of mind.  I expect I’ll buy it again for next year.

Devil in the Details


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