Pause and Be Happy

I have a quote attributed to Apollonia, who I thought was a Greek god or ancient Greek philosopher – but I can’t find a reference to directly.  Apollonia said, “Now and then it is good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”

After years, decades really, of seeking happiness it is nice to come across a quote I can live with.  All these years of pursuing personal growth has come down to this wondrous thought.   I can stop seeking how to feel better, I can relax from the drive to be better, to motivate myself to achieve happiness, the searching to find that ‘more’ that will finally enliven me to higher purpose and ultimate sustainable happiness and I can just allow myself to be happy.

“It is good to pause in our pursuit…and just be happy.”  All is right with the world, just as it is.

Yes, I can go on to pursue a greater happiness, but I am relieved to know, I can just be happy now.  It is not in the future, it is now.  And now is right now, and in a moment it will again be right now. This cycle feeds on itself and I find myself naturally, organically in the now, in the happy.

Happiness is a funny word.  It is light and airy.  Yet, as I find myself in the happy it is deep and abiding, all encompassing.  I feel it rich and fulfilling.

I just wanted to share that quote.  Because it feels good.  And in allowing ourselves to feel happy the world can be right. And we continue to breathe.

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