I am teaching body knowledge and alignment

I am not caught up in the latest craze.  But I do want to expand and communicate the joy and wealth of healthy aspects of a really great no-sweat health program.

I don’t want to trivialize anything.  I don’t want to make something so profound it appears out of reach for the average Joe, because the average Joe and Josephine can feel so good so quickly without “working out”, without changing anything but getting up and breathing through some postures during a television show and still feel relaxed.  So, maybe trivializing in this way is a good thing.

I can’t say enough how much greater it feels to practice postures in a quiet, warm and peaceful surrounding, without distraction, only the sounds of the neighborhood, or the air conditioner to hum in the background.  I want to express the warmth and soul-encompassing nature of breathing into a posture and feeling mentally and physically the release of muscles and stress.  I want to share the concept of life that is “effort and ease”.

Am I teaching ancient knowledge toward a sacred end, or a physical knowledge toward a healthy body only?  Where is my alignment?

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