Famous Firsts

Whoa!  My first class with strangers.  My first group class.  It went over okay.  I had six people show up.  That was perfect.  I wasn’t overwhelmed, and there was plenty of room and the space was well utilized.  I’m happy actually.

Things I did right:

  1. I had a sequence and presentation ready and memorized.
  2. I asked everyone’s name (and remembered them).
  3. I asked for requests. That was a little nerve-wracking. I didn’t want to deviate from my sequence too much that I lose my way.
  4. Let’s see, I kept us on schedule time-wise.
  5. Bring lots of towels – we had to use them for yoga mats.

Things I was surprised by:

  1. As Shelley left she said that she likes my timing – not too fast or too slow.
  2. There aren’t any mats available.  I understood there would be mats.
  3. Shoulders, everyone agreed that shoulders need work – and I was able to incorporate shoulder work with seated postures right after we ended our standing postures. It flowed as if I meant to do it that way.
  4. Mirroring the group is pretty tricky. I feel funny switching up which way I present on the mat to mirror the group. Left means right, right means left. I’m not good with left and right to begin with. I am learning to say, “Bring your opposite foot back into your lunge.”  I never had that problem before.

I’m a yoga instructor and I continue to breathe.

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