Words to Finish Practice

My favorite instructor always finishes practice by saying, “Thank you for allowing me to guide you in your practice today.”  I love when she says that.  I did allow her to guide me, and she does a fantastic job of it.  I can’t help but think, “thank you for guiding me”.

I have tried to say that same phrase after my classes.  I get as far as “Thank you for allowing me to guide you…” and then I trail off as if I have forgotten the words to a famous prayer.  I trail off without wanting to be obvious.   I can see some of the students smile and nod to me as if they know what I am trying to say, and they release me from having to pronounce all that I meant to say.

I suppose that, “Thank you for allowing me to guide you today.” is enough.  Usually though my thanks resides in the fact that people even came to my class.  From that aspect my finish remark could easily be, “Thank you for joining me for yoga today.’

I want to offer that “I hope you enjoyed a good practice.”  But that doesn’t even read right. “I hope your practice was good.”  If I have been watching the class I would know how the class was perceived, now wouldn’t I?

I am grateful that people come to my classes.  I am grateful that they express an interest.  When I started hosting yoga classes I nicknamed it “Yoga with Friends”.  If I stick with this theme for a little while longer, and I expect to, my salutation can easily be “Thank you for joining me today.”  Simple seems better.  Enough said.

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