A Break Through

A break through

Today was a bit of a break-through for yoga classes.  I think today I was seen as an actual yoga instructor.  It’s the first time I have felt that way at any rate.

When I was given the room to hold classes and had a scheduled time set up I sent out emails to the people that had expressed an interest in attending, inviting them to come on out to join me.  My email said to bring your mat if you have one, but don’t worry if you don’t.  I had understood yoga mats were available.  But when I got to the room for the first class there were no mats anywhere.  I have two mats that I brought with me.  Thankfully I had brought towels to use as straps for modifications.  I had twelve people on my email, so I had brought twelve towels.  Six people came to class and that was great, but only three of us had mats.  We laid out two towels per person to keep them off the floor and I adjusted my sequencing postures to mostly standing poses and supine options.  No Chataranganga or Locust poses for this first day.  We had an okay practice.  First day and all.

The next class, last week, everyone came back so I was pleased.  But we used the towel trick again.   Still no one extra brought in a yoga mat.  I brought all three of my mats last week and that helped.

This morning I went down to our yoga room as soon as I got in to poke around to see if any mats are available. Dragging around multiple yoga mats is getting old.  For another thing, there is nowhere to leave them safely stowed away for next time.  Today I found the cartful of mats assigned to the room.  They were behind a hidden door in a huge closet running along the side of the room.  The whole wall is actually a closet.  I found yoga mats, mat cleaner and bolsters.  Ta da!  We have a yoga room.

In my reminder email this morning I included a note letting everyone know we have mats.  Come to class if you have a mat or not – we got you covered.  As everyone filed in for class today I could see in their eyes the relief at having a mat for themselves.  There are not enough bolsters for everyone so I had each person take two mats.  One to unroll for their space, and one to stay rolled up as a bolster.  Yes, it’s still a little makeshift, but enough mats are available for everyone to practice.

Everyone was able to elevate their hips during seated easy pose.  We actually got to flow through a series of Sun Salutations including modified Chatarangas.  For me practice felt complete.

At the conclusion of the day I requested everyone clean their mat, roll them up and place them back on the cart.  It is amazing how well this was received.  Everyone said thank you to me as they filled the cart back up with mats.  It’s as though having the mats has legitimized my position as instructor.  Nothing I could have said, or done would have made the difference that having these yoga mats does.  My peeps are taken care of.  Now we can continue to breath.

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