Call for Wellness

Go to your day feeling the wholeness, the fulfillment of our presence. Just like this page – this is a new day. There are new perspectives to have and to encounter.

Know our love – the completeness of our love. There is no wrong that can be a part of your day if you approach this day with our love.

We want to see you relaxed – relaxed shoulders, relaxed jaw. You yourself create so much tension and strife for yourself. It is good to have responsibilities. It is good to have desires and motivations. But the physical toll, the physical damage is self-created and has become chronic. You can stop this. It will take awareness and practice. It will not occur for you overnight. Breathing will help. Breathing exercises to consider how to use the breathe to calm and to physically regenerate the body and the mind. These simple moments can create great changes. You are strong and these tense practices have been active for decades. You will be practicing relief exercises for decades to come – potentially. Are you ready to accept relief? Then the changes to your chronic state can be instantaneous. It is up to you – we are happy with instantaneous.

It all feels good. The roots are set and your wellness is in your hands, it is in your body – enjoy, have fun, play with your wellness.

Be and have and call to you pleasure and good times. Today is a good day. Every day is a good day. Today is a good day.

Channeled 23 May 2022