Strengthening the Connection

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 7

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Strengthening the Connection was channeled 20 Nov 2022.

Meditations – themed meditations – strengthen our connection with Source Energy. The themes are already of emotions and subjects that connect to Source. It is the meditation the strengthens this bond – love, gratitude, joy, Gaia. Bring more depth to your meditations knowing your connection is stronger for the doing.

Enjoy. Sarah

Potentials Through God’s Eyes

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 6

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Potentials Through God’s Eyes was channeled 30 Nov 2022.

We have the potential through God’s eyes to “witness life in the wholeness of a spiritual vibration.”

And as we expand our spiritual reach know that “this is the wave. This is the ascension” of time space.

“Find the Oneness of All There Is.”

Enjoy. Sarah

Value of Familiarity

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 5

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The Value of Familiarity was channeled 20 November 2022.

We may be better for each other if we can get familiar with each other and stop insisting we are separate. Add value by valuing each other.

There is a Oneness of Human Desires. We are seeking satisfaction with ourselves. And we are seeking to be understood. Let us recognize this and rejoice.

Enjoy. Sarah

What to Release

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 4

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What to Release was channeled 8 Nov23.

“When you find that answer, enjoy that answer.” There is yet more to let go. Find your release in the calm of your question. This is a gift.

Enjoy. Sarah

Perception Is Everything

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 3

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Perception Is Everything was channeled 23 Oct 2022.

Perception is everything.  How we see our circumstances is open for interpretation.  Especially by our own self.  The Accord has a different perception.  Whether you take the suggestions of others, or your inner voice, or not if fully a right of having free will.  Exercise your free will and be joyful that whatever answer it is always correct.

Enjoy. Sarah


Path of Now

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 2

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Path of Now was channeled 23 Oct 2022.

This is quite the adventure of Time and Space. The Accord can offer suggestions from a different perspective than we enjoy here on earth. We choose our path. We have free-will to apply these beatific suggestions or to choose another path based on our own perspective. Stay open to perspective. Both are correct.

Now, in this now, is our power. For Now is infinite.

Enjoy. Sarah

Clear Spaces for Happiness

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 1

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Clear Spaces was channeled 26 Oct 2022.

On this day I received a sign from my guides – a VERY long email, apparently only sent to myself – repeating the two words I find most meaningful for me. I had to check quickly on who else received the email. Thankfully no one but me.

Shortly after I received my horrendously long email my guides came through with this message. I so appreciate the clarification and their humor.

May you enjoy as well. Sarah

Gaia Love

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 36

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Gaia Love was channeled 22 Oct 2022.

Feeling Earth is feeling Source. In our move to save the earth, we are saving ourselves. And loving Gaia is yet another form of loving ourselves. Expand to include Gaia in our loves.

Enjoy. Sarah

An Exercise in Sight

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 35

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An Exercise in Sight was channeled 10 Oct 2022.

This is an exercise in sight – in connection with Source.  It may be a quick exercise but powerful in allowing that connection we long for.

“Feel Source energy where all things are possible.”

Through this process my your world light up.

Enjoy. Sarah

Self-Worth Homework Review

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 32

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Self-Worth Homework Review was channeled just after the writing of my own response to the “homework” suggested by the Accord regarding Self-worth in 2022.

This was a good exercise. Not only to process the idea of self-worth for me, but more importantly this exercise clarified the relevance of this connection with The Accord and these channels.

Enjoy. Sarah