About Me

So at 17 I’m a Buddhist – Nicheren Diashonin practice.  At 19 I am incorporating yoga into my daily life and by 29 I found the Seth Materials.  Those first books that fell into my hands from the local library blew my thought process wide open.  (gif) visual head exploding – that’s me with the first Seth books I ever picked up.  My life as previously known never returned. And this is good.  So add Seth Material to a strong Buddhist practice and you have me in my thirties.

I read Seth Book, Jane and Robert Roberts for the next 10 years. And while a friend told me about Abraham Hicks I didn’t get it.  Until I did.  And then I found Abraham, Kryon, Alkazar, Lee Harris, and a whole new crop of young vibrant channels.  It made me wonder what rock I had been living under.  Did I miss a boat?  Was I even looking at the dock?  All these people channeling as I had been over the years – only they were broadcasting.  So now, I am broadcasting.

Maybe the message I provide doesn’t blow you away or change your life in ways you never imagined – but I do hope you find your joy, that you hear the words that you needed, that there is a message in here for you.

With love,